May, 2022
5 cases how brands are effectively using stories on their websites and mobile apps
For the first time Stories were introduced by Snapchat in 2013. The success and popularity of the Stories format was revolutionary and other social media channels quickly adopted such an interactive format. Instagram made this function extreamly famous and widely used.

Since then mobile stories have come so far. Several companies worked on the development of their own stories on their websites and apps. In the middle of 2020 Webstoryz started to create stories that can be easily integrated into any website and mobile app without the necessity of in-house costly feature development. The functionality of a Webstoryz format goes far beyond Instagram stories, allowing to create any interactive user experience and have an integration with CRM and Analytics platforms, Outlooks etc.

Let’s have a look at how brands around the world are effectively using stories format.
Microsoft developed stories for their Xbox app on iOS and Android. They created additional communication channel with the users so that clients can see stories from Xbox games and any others they follow on the Xbox network. Now, Xbox games can make their promotions, announcements, and updates to players through stories in the Xbox app.
Puma launched stories in their mobile app to call attention to their offers. By sharing high-quality product photos, they’re more likely to capture audience attention, spark interest, and inspire someone to make a purchase.
Stories widget immediately captures clients attention, forwarding them to the interested categories and shows great conversion.
Domino’s pizza brought Stories to its app to improve user experience and increase app revenue. It has worked perfectly so far. Domino's Pizza looked to maximize the efficiency of in-app marketing campaigns, increase the adoption of their app and its new features, and reward loyal users. Stories in their app allowed them to create an immersive and tappable story experience in the most native way, and they achieved an overwhelming increase in user engagement and conversion rates.
Personalized content is a great approach when it comes to mobile users. Client oriented content increases customers’ loyalty as well as its engagement, moreover it brings them closer to your brand. Spotify has been utilizing user data to personalize the experience since 2016. In 2021 Spotify launched several campaigns focusing on how Spotify users listen to music or podcasts. They started sharing these individualized content in the form of stories. Users could discover their personal flow and their journey in the Spotify ecosystem.
Since then, millions of users across the world have been waiting for these personalized stories.
UK-based fashion giant, New Look, was looking for new ways of communication with their audience. Stories became just the very right solution for them.
Process of onboarding new clients became easier and more effective thanks to stories. Promotion of new products and launch of seasonal campaigns became front row content that immediately captured the attention of New look app users thanks to interactive stories
Webstoryz makes all content production and its distribution easier and effective for you and more delightful for your users and customers.
Our team creates personalized stories using smart conversion tools for better performance of your website or app.
Mobile traffic has become mainstream. Its share has already reached 80%.
Stories is the most effective and convenient format to present content on mobile devices.
Stories is a perfect tool that allows businesses to:
Souce: Puma app
Image Source: Verge
Image Source: Spotify Newsroom
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5 cases how brands are effectively using stories on their websites and mobile apps
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May, 2022
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